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Course Information

Interdisciplinary course of financial technology and artificial intelligence application
Course introduction
  The School of Management and the School of Information and Electrical Engineering combine the school’s three business concepts of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In response to future financial industry reforms and talent needs, the financial technology development vision is formulated to strengthen the learning and application of digital finance as the main axis, and integrate the School of Management’s "Financial Finance" The core competence of the "Department of Education" and the "Department of Information Engineering" of the School of Electrical Engineering, implement financial technology management, practice financial innovation education, enhance humanistic quality and create financial innovation vitality, build a learning environment for learning by doing and doing learning, and promote innovative management education And the financial technology industry.
    In order to comply with the national development policy, the college will cultivate students to become "skilled, pragmatic and practical" professionals, shorten the gap between learning and use, and enhance the competitiveness of students in employment. The college will integrate the expertise and research resources of professional teachers across faculties to strengthen students' professionalism. For the effectiveness of ability learning, the "Fintech and Artificial Intelligence Application Program" has been developed and established.
Cooperative College (Department): Department of Finance, School of Management and Department of Information Engineering, School of Information and Electrical Engineering
Advantages of the program
  This course corresponds to the six emerging industries, based on the "Financial Technology Development Strategy White Paper" formulated by the Financial Supervision and Administration Commission to promote technological innovation in financial services and promote the development of the financial technology industry, and actively study the development trend of international financial technology and the current domestic promotion. Plan the content of cross-field courses to meet the talent needs of the financial industry in the future. The future vision of the development of financial technology requires not only the pursuit of the improvement of the financial technology industry and the mastery of innovative economic models, but also the convenience of the people to enjoy innovative digital services