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Welcome message from the Department Chairperson!

    This Department was established to face the trends of financial liberalization, globalization, and  informatization, as well as to meet the demands by domestic industries and financial development for business and financial management personnel. Course instruction in this Department not only focuses on lectures on the professional knowledge of banking insurance, securities and corporate financial management, but also helps students work as interns in financial institutions. It is hoped that academic theories and practical works can be used to affirm each other, and students can shorten their learning process after graduation at the beginning of their careers.

    The curricular design covers professional theories and practical techniques practice including the two  instructional focuses:“Investment”, and “Financial Technologyt.”These courses also enhance corporate financial decision-making, derivative financial product investment, financial innovation and marketing, and cultivate practical techniques of financial institution management and risk management.

    This Department has established three professional digital financial laboratories: a personal investment and financial management laboratory, an institution investment financial management laboratory, and a derivative financial product laboratory, in which students can become familiar with computer and internet technology applications. The Department also attempts to strengthen foreign language and expressive abilities of students in order to enhance practical abilities in international finance. The Department has arranged industry-academic collaboration and summer internships with various corporations

to realize practice in education, and to strengthen the ability of students to apply their knowledge.


    Regardless of troubles experienced by students, they should not hesitate to consult with teachers and classmates. Teachers and students in this Department are like one big happy family, and each individual is an important member. All members have the joint objective and responsibility of filling the family with joyous laughter and happiness, so that they can work hard at learning skills, and they can contribute to their country and society after graduation!

History and organization

  This Department was established in 2001, with the aim to cultivate financial personnel necessary for corporations and the financial industry. It is subordinate to the School of Management, and is located on the 4th Floor of the Management Building.





●The department was established (2001/8/1)

●Dr. Wu, Ming-chen became the chair of the department.

●Recruited one class for the daytime program in the two-year college, and one class for the 

  nighttime program


●Dr. Ou, Jenho Peter became the chair of the department.

●Recruited one class for the university


●Increased to two classes for the undergraduate program 

●One class for the daytime program in the two year college 

●Ended recruitment for two-year nighttime program


●Recruited one nighttime undergraduate class 

●Ended recruitment for two-year daytime program


●Professor Chuo Wu-Hsiung became the chair of the department.


●Recruited one graduate class


●Dr. Ou, Jenho Peter became the chair of the department 

●Two graduate classes 

●Eight undergraduate classes 

●Four nighttime undergraduate classes


●Recruited one international dual degree bachelor program


●Recruited one international master program


●Dr. Chang, Chong-Chuo became the chair of the department 

●Five graduate classes 

●Eight undergraduate classes 

●Four nighttime undergraduate classes

●Four dual degree bachelor program classes


●Recruited one international program financial management


●Asia University College Management Pass AACSB accredition


Dr. Ou, Jenho Peter became the chair of the department