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Brand Internship

  22 departments of Asia University, Taiwan have made contracts of “Brand Internship and Job Guarantee “with more than 30 prestigious businesses. In the Seminar of Brand Internship and Job Guarantee Curriculum in the afternoon on October 11, students are briefed about how Brand Internship works and scholarships are granted. Human resource manager, Wen, Hsu-ru, of Giant Bicycle Inc. and Special Assistant, Lan, Ru-jhong, of Taiwan Optical Platform address at the Seminar and encourage the students, promising successful job placement after completion of the curriculum.
  Student Career Center Director Pong, Yu-juan, of Asia University, explains how the curriculum works and how to select courses. She points out that Student Career Center has entered into contracts with more than 30 businesses, offering 351 job opportunities. With Asia University’s Brand Internship and Job Guarantee Curriculum, students are trained from freshmen year to senior year with internship and courses to enhance their career expertise. The Curriculum includes TOEIC enhancement class (1st and 2nd semesters) and Enterprise Culture and Office Etiquette (2nd semester) in freshmen year; Brand Practice I in sophomore year; Brand Practice II in junior year; and Brand Internship in junior or senior year.
  According to Student Career Center Section chief Hou, Nieh-zhu, of Asia University, students who have signed up the Brand Internship and Job Guarantee Curriculum and demonstrated outstanding performance will receive scholarship from the University. Students who have scored 45 class-points in academic attainment test, ranked within 60% of assignment score in university entrance examination, and ranked top 5 in respective department will be granted scholarship of NT$ 15,000 and 6th to 15th place will be granted scholarship of NT$ 10,000, up to 15 students per department.