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Teaching Features

1. Curriculum upon professional theories and   practices 

Curriculum design of the department is based on both professional theories and practices. Financial decision-making, operation, and management of financial institutions are the subjects of instruction.

2. Complete curriculum planning 

To enhance financial decision-making, investment of derivatives, innovation, marketing,and development professional techniques, such as operation and management of financial institutions and risk management; to develop personal specialty by project learning.

3. Development of information capacity 

To development students’ computer ability and application of information technology in financial decision-making.

4. Training of foreign language

To enhance foreign language and expression ability training in order to strengthen students’ international finance operation.

5. Development of employment competitiveness

To enhance cooperation education with business circle, invite business supervisors to give lectures or hold financial practice courses, encourage students to acquire licenses and have internship in business circle during summer vacation, and develop students’ practica competency.