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■ Scholarships
Asia University provides a limited number of scholarships each year for talented international students. All applicants may have an opportunity to compete for scholarships, depending on qualification of applicants, program admitted, and available budget. Applicants who have received Taiwan scholarship are NOT eligible to receive Asia University Scholarship.
(1) Scholarships offered by the government:
1. This scholarship is offered by Taiwan government (Ministry of Education, Ministryof Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Science Technology).
2. How to apply: For application guidelines and forms, types of scholarship and quotas, aswell as information regarding the selection process and outcome announcements, applicants may directly contact the relevant Taiwan Embassy or Representative Office. Please refer to the MOFA website for the nearest embassy or representative office.
 More detailed information can be found at the site of the Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program:
(2) Scholarships offered by Asia University:
Currently, Asia University offers different types of scholarships shown as below. The type of scholarship awarded to student is decided by the Admission and Scholarship Committee.
Scholarship  Brief Introduction
Scholarship A  tuition waiver, dormitory fee waiver, and monthly stipend of NT$6,000
Scholarship B+  tuition waiver, dormitory fee waiver
Scholarship B  tuition waiver
Scholarship C+  50% tuition waiver, 50% dormitory fee waiver
Scholarship C  tuition waiver
To apply for Asia University scholarship, applicants must specify in the application form and submit it with all required application materials to the Center for International Academic Exchange. Awarded students in Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs are supported for at most four, two and three years respectively. An average score of less than 75 and 80 in previous academic year for undergraduate and graduate students, respectively, will result in disqualification of receiving scholarship. To enhance internationalization and cultural exchange on campus, students receiving scholarship above B level are mandatory to participate in activities/services (30 hours per semester) arranged by the Office of International College.