Asia University Collaborates with 1111 Job Bank's "Generative AI Innovation Institute" for Education

  • 2023-04-17
  • 網管(Amor)

Asia University (AU) collaborates with 1111 Job Bank's "Generative AI Innovation Institute" to integrate ChatGPT and generative AI into education. Professor Jeffrey J.P. Tsai, president of Asia University, and Mr. Zhuan-Kai Zhang, General manager of 1111 Job Bank, signed a memorandum of understanding on April 11th for this purpose.

This year AU was listed by the 1111 Job Bank as among the top 10 universities of "2023 Enterprises' Most Favorite Private Universities." With the signing of the MOU and the accompanying collaboration between the two parties, it is believed that AU graduates will greatly benefit from this joint action, as they will benefit from AI technology in the workplace to keep pace with the fast developing job markets.

President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai points out that cooperating with 1111 Job Bank can give greater help to higher education and enhance the international competitiveness of AU students.  

President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai stated in the signing ceremony that AU has first integrated AI into campus activities four years ago and promoted the smart campus for teaching, research, and industry collaboration. AU has also taken the lead in hosting the country's first ChatGPT international conference, as well as hosting 9 AI application workshops and the ChatGPT generative art forum on campus. The entire school will have 263 courses related to the application of this new technology, and ChatGPT will be integrated into most of the curriculum. The goal is to teach all instructors and students how to use ChatGPT properly and to make AI a useful tool for teaching and learning.

General manager Zhang expresses his deep wish to work more closely with AU.  

According to General Manager Zhang, 1111 Job Bank is devoted to talent development and student employment after graduation. They have also recently hosted 7 AI seminars in order to help students quickly stay connected with the AI age. The Generative AI Innovation Institute also offers several free AI and ChatGPT courses. The goal is to teach the young generation how to use AI technologies in their life and workplace. AU and 1111 Job Bank signed the Memorandum of Understanding to promote a closer collaboration in the future and to help AU graduates to have a better opportunity to get employed.

President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai (right) and Mr. Zhuan-Kai Zhang, General manager of 1111 Job Bank, signed a memorandum of understanding.  

Professor Shao-Liang Chang, Dean of Student Affairs, and Dr. Charles C.N. Wang, Dean of Industry-Academy Cooperation, both hope that 1111 Job Bank will provide more detailed information and cooperate with Asia University on AI talent cultivation and employment. General manager Zhang suggested that the two parties can cooperate in the employment and study program through the "Joint Employment Network". AU students can use this platform to find jobs, and the university can also conduct the alumni flow survey through this platform.