Asia University ranks 6th in Taiwan in terms of the number of projects approved by the Ministry of Education's Teaching Practice Research Program.---

  • 2023-07-18
  • 網管(Amor)
30 projects were approved this year, and a total of 168 projects have been approved over the past 6 years.Asia University teachers' efforts and outcomes have been recognized.

The Department of Leisure and Recreation Management of Asia University achieved the highest pass rate in the country for the "Teaching Practice Research Program" in the 111 academic year.
   Asia University has received subsidies from the Ministry of Education's "Teaching Practice Research Program" for the 112 academic year. It has passed 30 projects, and a total of 168 subsidies have been granted from the 107 academic year to the present, ranking 6th nationwide. Among them, 7 projects were selected by the Ministry of Education as outstanding and excellent plans, demonstrating remarkable achievements. President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai of Asia University mentioned that this clearly shows that the university's teachers are dedicated to educational innovation, improving teaching quality, and promoting student learning outcomes, while also combining research design and innovative methods to gain recognition.
   President Jeffrey J.P. Tsai stated that Asia University places great importance on teaching quality and innovative research, fully supporting teachers in carrying out teaching practice research programs. Through mechanisms such as research activities, promotion in teaching, and teacher communities, the university encourages teachers to actively apply for projects, showcasing their abundant teaching research capabilities and fruitful outcomes.
   Vice President and Director of the Teaching Resources and Faculty Development Center, Huei-Chen Ko, pointed out that the Ministry of Education's "Teaching Practice Research Program" provides resources to teachers, effectively encouraging them to use research to explore factors and methods for improving the quality of their teaching and student learning outcomes. These findings are then applied to enhance and innovate teaching methods, leading to personal career development and advancement.
   Vice President Huei-Chen Ko said that Asia University has established various reward mechanisms in collaboration with the Teaching Resources and Faculty Development Center, Office of Research and Development, Personnel Office, and various department to encourage more teachers to propose teaching practice research programs. In addition to organizing workshops on innovative teaching theories and methods, project writing workshops, and experience-sharing sessions on project outcomes, the university also awards points in teacher evaluations and promotions for those engaged in such projects. Furthermore, it offers incentives through competitions for innovative teaching materials and lesson plans to improve teaching quality and student learning outcomes. Additionally, Asia University, together with the China Medical University system schools under the "China Medical University- Asia University System (CMU-AU System)," holds an annual "National Teachers' Teaching Practice Research Symposium and Paper Presentation Competition" to promote exchange among faculty members both within and outside the university, which is reflected in the number of approved projects.
   Vice President Huei-Chen Ko stated that the Teaching Resources and Faculty Development Center will continue to establish teacher professional communities to gather the enthusiasm for excellent teaching among faculty members and promote various teaching research and learning outcome analysis seminars. The center will also provide assistance in project planning consultations to enhance teachers' capabilities in teaching practice research.

Asia University's continuous promotion of the Teaching Practice Research Program, ranking 6th in Taiwan in the number of projects approved by the Ministry of Education over the past 6 years.