【News】111 Winter Vacation Accommodation Application Announcement

  • 2022-12-13
  • Wang,Kuan-Ting(王冠婷)
The winter vacation accommodation regulations are as follows:
  1. During the winter vacation of 111 academic year, according to the epidemic situation and the number of sick, either Summit Hall (without bathroom) or Gratitude Hall (with bathroom) will be opened for accommodation students, or campus approved by AU. The other dormitories will be closed.

2. Please submit the winter accommodation application form to Residential College and Housing Services Section from 2022/12/05 (Mon.) 14:00 to 2022/12/30 (Fri.) 17:00. Before applying, please carefully evaluate your "adaptability for group life" and "is your health status suitable for accommodation?" to avoid affecting the others’ accommodation rights or the loss of your own property.

3. Application process as follow:
(1) Print out Asia University Winter (Summer) Vacation registration /withdrawal Application Form (version 11111) from Residential Colleges and Housing Services Section website. (please print it on double sided, and only version 11111 will be accepted)
(2) Please check out the accommodation fee with Residential Colleges and Housing Services Section.
(NT$ 150 per night for regular applicants; NT$ 75 per night for those with “campus working permit” which is verified by the department/unit supervisor.)
(3) Pay the accommodation fee at the Payment Machine. No refunds for overpaid or halfway check-outs.
(4) Hand in the accommodation fee receipt and NT$ 100 accommodation deposit in cash (Only a NT$100 bill is acceptable.) at Residential Colleges and Housing Services Section. The deposit will be returned upon check-out, but will not be, if the procedure is uncompleted, or it is not collected within one week after the end of the winter vacation.
(5) If a share room is requested, please submit the application forms together, otherwise the arrangement is nonnegotiable.
4. Running days for 111-3 winter vacation: (the total are 16 days 14 nights)
(1)2023/1/16 (Mon.) 12:00 to 2023/1/19 (Thu.) 12:00. (4 days and 3 nights)
(2)2023/1/30 (Mon.) 12:00 to 2023/2/10 (Fri.) 12:00. (12 days and 11 nights)
※During Chinese Lunar New Year (2023/1/19 (Thu.) 12:00 to 2023/01/30 (Mon.) 12:00, only for accommodation approval overseas students.)

5. The winter vacation accommodation room number and beds will be announced on 2023/1/13.

6. The key will be dispatched at the designated Winter accommodation dormitory counter after January 16th (Mon.) 17:00 for winter accommodation students.

7. The opening day for 111-2 semester dormitory are from 8:00 on February 11th, 2023(Sat.).

Residential College and Housing Services Section, 2022/12/5